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3 Pre-Wedding Phone Sessions

 Virtual Wedding Tools

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 Virtual Wedding Tools

Coordination With Vendors

Day-Of Timeline

8-Hours of Wedding Day Support

Pre-Wedding Email Support

Price: $2050

6 Pre-Wedding Phone Sessions

 Virtual Wedding Tools

Coordination With Vendors

Day-Of Timeline

12-Hours of Wedding Day Support

2-Hour Rehearsal Dinner Support

Pre-Wedding Email Support

Price: $2,957

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I'm Jen Glantz: the founder of the viral business, Bridesmaid for Hire, the creator of the project, Finally the Bride, the founder of the blog, The Things I Learned From, the voice of the podcast, You're Not Getting Any Younger, the founder of the coaching bizz, Jen & Juice, and the author of the Amazon-bestselling books, All My Friends are Engaged, &  Always a Bridesmaid for Hire, published by Simon and Schuster. 


I've told my stories on hundreds of press outlets around the world, such as TODAY Show, Good Morning America, CNN, NPR, and Fox News, where they called my job the “weirdest of all time”.


You can often find me on stages as a speaker for conferences (SXSW, Creativity Next, and NextGen Gov) for companies (ESPN, Google, HBO) and schools (Wharton, Adelphi, Baruch).  In 2016, I received the "30 Under 30"  award from my alma mater, University of Central Florida. 


I'm a freelance writer for more than 25 different websites, including NBC, Business Insider, Yahoo, Glamour Magazine, Forbes, and more.

Three things* you have to know about me: I only eat pizza, my birthday is on April Fool's Day and I spent 2 years living in a new city every month.


​*No, that wasn't a game of two truths one lie. 

Hi, You.



I've enjoyed the twists & turns of every wedding I've worked. Here's what brides from the past have to say about working with me.

Aleks D.

I am so happy that I hired Jen!!  Not only is she a super sweet, fun, and friendly person that I now absolutely adore, but she also made sure that everything went so smoothly on my wedding day.  Including, 5 minutes before my wedding transportation was supported to arrive, I can got a cancellation notice.  Jen figured it out and got my bridal party to the church and reception venue without a problem.  I had a lot of friends and family getting ready with me on the wedding day, which was a lot of fun, but it was nice for everyone to focus on their beauty while Jen was making sure that I was drinking enough water and eating lunch, while she moved my car and made sure that my 'Just Married' sign was ready to go.  About 25 minutes before the church ceremony started, my maid of honor realized that she had left her heals at my house and had arrived at the church in her flip flops.  I asked Jen to run back and get them; Jen kindly obliged and came back with plenty of time to spare.  Our wedding day was amazing and one of the best days of our life for my new husband and I.  I am so happy that Jen was there to share in it and ensure that the day was stress-free!

Jenn K.

Having Jen was, simply put, the greatest thing I "planned for" on our wedding day. She MADE OUR DAY in every way possible. Not only did she think of everything (or take on tasks when she wasn't asked to), she did it in the most positive way possible. She was a total joy to be with. 


Jen and I had a few (amazing and EASY) chats before the wedding. She completely understood our vision and totally went for it. Jen just GETS IT.  She handled our food delivery and set-up during prep, making sure everyone in the wedding party had what they needed to eat and stayed hydrated (both with champagne and water!). She kept us on schedule according to my timeline but was flexible when asked. She was never overwhelmed and kept cool, calm and collected throughout the day! There was nothing she couldn't handle. She assisted with flowers and boutineers at the church. She even handed me my lip color every few minutes before the ceremony so I could keep fresh - so cute! Jen corralled a dispersed wedding party intermingled with wedding guests after we stopped at a bar for some drinks between the ceremony and reception - and did so without interfering with our good time. Jen went above and beyond - she carried bags, bouquets, flip-flops, change of clothes and other items for the bride. She assisted the photographers when needed. She was by my side, in the best way, throughout the day making sure all was perfect. If there was something that needed to be done, she was your girl. She made EVERYTHING she could as easy as possible.  


Words can express how highly recommended this amazing girl comes from my husband and me! We were so incredibly lucky to have her - you WON'T regret your choice to hire Jen as your wedding coordinator! It truly was the best decision we could have made.


Steph L.

"From start to finish, it was incredible to work with Jen! She knew what I wanted before I did, and she made our wedding 100% stress-free. Caught up in all of the festivities, I forgot a dress that I wanted to change into at our reception in our apartment, and Jen ran right out to get it for me--no questions asked! She's detail-oriented, fun, kind, observant and not afraid to go the extra mile. (Plus she can tie up a French bustle like a pro in 3 minutes flat!) She was right there for me even when the MOH wasn't and helped to fill in a lot of the gaps. Hiring Jen was the best $$ we spent on the wedding! We LOVE her!"

Julie S.

Having you there was a huge relief. I'm not sure if you know this but my

Maid of honor was recently diagnosed with cancer and was unable to do a lot of the things she was supposed to. I didn't want to bother her but was so worried about how things were going to get done. Having you there made me so much less stressed. You truly are wonderful at your job. I will recommend you to everyone!

Erica P.

When I started planning my wedding over a year ago, I know I needed someone to help out the day of.  I looked into a few different people and no one seemed like a good fit for my style.  Luckily, I cam across a podcast that had on Jen Glantz and her company "Bridesmaid For Hire".  I knew instantly that I wanted her along side with me during my big day.  We exchanged emails and phone calls before the wedding and Jen was very professional, knowledgeable, and most importantly caring about all my details no matter how big or small.  She always responded right away to all my questions.  Like all weddings, there are some day of challenges, Jen was there every step of the way! My husband and I had the most magical and stress-free. 


Emily J. 

As someone who plans events for work, I initially thought I could do all of the wedding planning and day of organizing alone. But I was so wrong! 6 weeks leading up to the big day, I was so overwhelmed. And I am so glad that I found Jen, who came to my Chicago wedding from NYC to handle everything on the day of. She was amazing! 


Our wedding was perfect and stress free thanks to Jen. She spoke with me multiple times leading up to the event and was so sweet and helpful with advice. I had absolutely nothing to worry about the day of because Jen was there coordinating all of the details and managing many vendors. I would definitely recommend Jen and Bridesmaid for Hire for any bride - very worth it!! 

Anne G.

Imagine your perfect wedding day.  Now imagine that somehow, your wedding day is even better than that, AND you and your wedding party are happy, crying tears of joy, and stress-free.  That was my wedding day because of Jen Glantz.  Jen has been professional, warm, friendly, thoughtful, and considerate from day one.  She is like your friend who also happens to be a wedding pro so you ask her to please please please help out to make sure you and everyone else in your wedding party knows what to do or how to solve the inevitable hiccups that will happen when you have that many people working and partying together.  Then she shows up, and she has all the answers to every question you have, she is that member of the wedding party who is able to run back to your hotel room to get something you forgot while everyone else needs to stay with you because you are doing photos.  She is so sweet, and she will check in with your parents to make sure they are doing well, and will chat with them like they are your friend, not just another wedding vendor.  Also, due to her professionalism and friendliness, she works spectacularly well with all the other vendors, including the wedding planner.


From a logistical standpoint, there were many moving parts to my wedding day.  Two venues, transportation, an outfit change, most of the wedding part had never met before in their entire lives, and many other details I won't bore you with right now.  She was very proactive.  Bridged gaps before anyone saw they were coming, she put my entire wedding party at ease.  Two people in our wedding party, while very excited to standup for us on the day, told us beforehand they would "retire" from being in wedding parties after our wedding, because all the other weddings they had been in had been exhausting and a lot of work.  Every single person in the wedding party, especially the two who said they are "retired" after our wedding, told us they actually got to ENJOY the wedding.  My groom and I LOVE our friends, and having someone they could delegate to, or go to for help not only made it a day stress-free for me, but they actually got to enjoy the experience as guests, not just bridesmaids and groomspeople.  One of my Maids of Honor personally told me after the wedding how much pressure and stress it took off her being able to work with Jen. That meant a lot to me that the people I love the most got to enjoy the party.  I was stress-free and happy, because my friends were stress-free and happy.  Everything I read online made the wedding day sound so stressful, and busy, and overwhelming, and I felt like I was a guest at my own wedding.  I also got to EAT at my own wedding thanks to Jen checking in with me when I wanted more food.  


What a wonderful person, and we are so grateful Jen was there on our wedding day.  Thank you Jen!

Gary & Rachel M.

In May of 2016 we began planning our wedding for October, 2016. It was going to be a small affair with no wedding party, but despite its size, we soon found ourselves overwhelmed. Who was going to coordinate the vendors the morning of the wedding while we were taking pictures? Who was going to make sure the music was playing properly, since we weren't having a band or DJ? Enter Jen Glantz and Bridesmaid for Hire. We found Jen as the result of a google search, and thank god we did. 

In the few meetings we had leading up to the wedding, she was personable and organized. She had great questions for us to ask our vendors, including the venue - she had great information about what we could expect on our wedding day and she put us at ease immediately, during what was otherwise a time filled with anxiety (the good kind of anxiety, but anxiety, nonetheless).  
On the day of the wedding itself, Jen showed up before anyone else. She made sure the flowers were there and set up on time, she supervised the venue staff, and helped the harpist set up. Once we arrived, she was an invaluable asset. She made an ATM run when we realized we didn't have enough tip money, she helped with clothing, hair and makeup, and she did it all with a refreshing, calm, composed and friendly demeanor. Our wedding was the most beautiful day of our lives and Jen's help was a major contributing factor.
She was terrific. I can't recommend her enough.

Jocelyne A.

From day one speaking on the phone, Jen was so kind and outgoing and really getting to the nitty gritty of all the wedding details. She dotted our I's and crossed our T's, and even made sure to cover things I wasn't even thinking about yet! I felt so comfortable knowing Jen was our day of coordinator, because I knew she would handle anything that came up that day - and boy was I right! Looking back to our wedding, I still cannot believe just how much fun Connor and I had.. all because we were able to relax and know Jen had everything covered. From last minute rain planning, to canceling, but then rescheduling cocktail hour, to setting up lawn games, and coordinating with my parents (who I can't even handle sometimes), Jen really knocked it out the park. Any moment I needed her and turned around, she was right there; I'm sure so many things happened that day that I don't even know about - because Jen was right there to coordinate with our servers, DJ, any guest needs . . we even had extra guest show up and magically two tables were set up for them .. how it happened, I'm sure only Jen could tell you, haha.  Hiring Jen was one of the best wedding investments we made. I am so happy I was able to relax and enjoy my wedding - it was the most perfect day Connor and I could have ever asked for!

Christina S.

From our first phone call, I knew Jen was the perfect fit. She is funny, a wonderful listener, experienced, and offers an objective perspective that I truly needed. She made me feel better that for this time frame,  Jen is also really fun to be around and talk to, which is what you need the days and months leading up to your wedding. In a short amount of time, I felt like she really understood what kind of person I was, which is priceless! She reminded me to be in the moment – something I’m usually good at, yet that quickly faded during wedding planning. I have nothing but fond memories of our meetings and conversations. My family and my fiancé’s family could not have been more impressed with all of her help on the day of the wedding. She was an invaluable part of making sure things went smoothly – and also that we, as a couple, were happy on our wedding day. I plan on keeping in touch with Jen and admire her passion for what she does.

Katie Z.

On the day of the wedding Jen was a friendly comfort, took care of things discussed, and without being asked supported the unexpected surprises along the way! Our friends and family commented on how great she was; stepping in to aid as the backup DJ and coordinating last minute transportation issues for our guests! We have, and will continue to, recommend Jen to those looking for wedding and planning services. She’s a great addition to our wedding story!

Abby S.

Even in a small wedding like ours (~40 people), we had a number of unresolved questions. Jen helped us iron out our scheduling issues.But on the day of the wedding is when I think Jen's value is most pronounced. In addition to managing day-of-wedding vendors (i.e. coordinating Uber pick up for our pastor), she helped erase our anxieties about things like guests not knowing when to get seated, a groomsman missing his cue, or cake not being brought out on time. She did a very nice job because the wedding ran seamlessly and on time.

Juliana F.

Jen was AMAZING to work with! Hiring her was absolutely one of the best decisions we made when planning our wedding. From the start she made me feel confident which re-assured me that all will run smoothly on our Big Day. For our wedding, we had a lot of DIY projects that Jen handled. It was wonderful to be able to spend time with our families before our ceremony and know that Jen was making sure every detail was in place.  We had face-to-face meetings which included a site visit and had several conversations via email, phone, and text. JEN WAS REALLY ON TOP OF IT! The best part was she always made me feel like I was her main priority. Her passion for weddings combined with her organization and attention to detail make her worth far more than the rates she charges.

On the day of the wedding, she greeted me with beautiful flowers, was energetic, and always asked if I needed anything. We are so lucky to have had the opportunity to work with Jen and entrust her with certain aspects of our wedding day. We would highly recommend her to any couple planning their wedding.

Jen (5 of 10).jpg



Weddings are stressful. Sometimes they make you want to toss your hands up in the air, cancel the whole thing and elope. My job is make sure you don't feel that way - and I will!


As a wedding day-of coordinator and professional bridesmaid, I've seen it all...sometimes I've seen it all go wrong. But I have had a solution for every hiccup and a Band-Aid for every last-minute scratch on the day's overall plan. 

I've found photographers when they've gone missing, caught a wedding cake that fell off a table & almost landed on the floor, served as the unofficial DJ when the real DJ didn't show up, and I've pep talked my fair share of mother-of-the-brides, bridesmaids, and even groomsmen to lay off the open bar until after they have walked down the aisle.

I've been in the wedding business for years - most notably as the founder of Bridesmaid for Hire. I know that hiring a stranger to be your bridesmaid isn't for everyone - that's why I also do day-of coordinating! 

Like any vendor, there will always be less expensive options. Investing in a day-of coordinator means investing in your health and finding a trustworthy day-of coordinator means investing in no pre-wedding headaches. That's what sets me apart from others - my experience and expertise. I've been in the wedding space for over five years, worked hundreds of weddings all over the world, wrote a wedding book for Simon and Schuster and over 400+ articles for places like BRIDES magazine and NBC, and have been featured on over 75 TV shows, like TODAY Show and Good Morning America, dishing wedding advice.

I'm more than just your day-of coordinator, I'm your honest and unbiased voice of reason, your to-do list organizer and the calming force you need during your wedding adventure.


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